Jay Leno's Garage

January 2023

Meeting a top-tier automotive personality is an opportunity we wouldn't waste, but it’s one we’re not often privileged with in our neck of the woods. It all started back in September when we were invited to the Audrain Concours event in Newport, Rhode Island, by a business partner, and we brought along our trusty Indy Special No. 007 to display at the event. Jay Leno’s Garage was on the list of big-name sponsors at the Concours, and Jay Leno was also presenting several awards at the event. We were pleasantly surprised when Jay walked out of his way to come check the Troy Indy Special, and he talked with us at length about our process and the finished roadster. After introducing us to the producer of his successful YouTube show, Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay invited us to bring the Indy Special to California to be featured in an episode — talk about a homerun!

A couple weeks later, our black Indy Special was scheduled to ship to California, and that’s when we  learned about Jay’s unfortunate shop accident involving his 1907 White steam car, which resulted in second-degree burns to his face and neck. But in a revealing display of his character, Jay was quickly back to work and we received confirmation that the show would go on. 7fifteen founders Bob and John Kendall arrived at his Burbank, California, facility in early December for the shoot, and had a fantastic time filming the episode and working with Jay and his crew. Surrounded by Jay’s second-to-none car collection, it was humbling to see our custom-built roadster from northern Wisconsin receive such strong praise from the man who’s seen it all. 

So what’s Jay Leno really like in person? It’s a question many would ask, and the answer is exactly as you’d expect. Jay has a refreshing humbleness, a true lead foot and a passion for all things with pistons and wheels. He’s a car guy at the end of the day, and for that, we’re beyond grateful. Check out the episode of Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube below for the rest of the story.

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