A Little History

Back in 1959, prominent Jaguar dealer Wally Troy set out to build his ideal sports car from scratch. The finished Troy Roadster was constructed on a custom tube chassis with aluminum bodywork and a Chevrolet 283 ci V8 with dual carburetors. The car captivated automotive enthusiasts with its simple open-wheel design in the pages of Hot Rod in 1960 and up to the present day.

Inspired by Troy’s original roadster, the Troy Indy Special takes the design to new heights with a modern tubular chassis and inboard coilover suspension for improved performance and driver comfort. Add in the proven performance and reliability of Chevrolet’s LS3 engine, and you’ve got contemporary sports car drivability in the footprint of a classic Indy racer. With a six-speed manual transmission and minimal electronic interferences, the new Troy Indy Special is a thrilling next chapter, executed just as Wally Troy would have. More About 7fifteen Motorworks

Unrivaled Design & Craftsmanship