1959 Troy Roadster

The 1959 Troy Roadster, one of a kind European-inspired sports car designed and built by Wally Troy.

Troy Indy Special 4869

Wally Troy and his Remarkable Roadster

Troy Roadster

The Troy Roadster is one unique car, quite literally, and it took an inventive mind and talented hands to create this inspiring one-off. The man behind the marque is Wally Troy, a remarkable personality and latent legend in Midwest car culture. Wally owned a prominent Jaguar dealership in Illinois, the first in the state, but he was also known for building show-wining customs that bested noted customizers like George Barris.

To go along with his custom cars, the Troy Special and Troy Custom, Wally set out to build his idea of the ultimate European-inspired street-legal racer in 1959. It was based on a custom tubular chassis, and featured a minimalist, open-wheel aluminum body with a steel belly pan. Power came from a 283 ci Chevrolet small-block with dual four-barrel carburetors, ran through a Corvette three-speed transmission.

The finished Troy Roadster encompassed Wally’s automotive interests flawlessly, as it combines European sports car flavors, custom car flair and hot rod attitude. Appropriately, the car was highlighted in a four-page feature in Hot Rod magazine in October 1960.

After being restored in the 1990s, the Troy Roadster only traded hands a couple times, generating more and more interest. From its lack of fenders and frills, the Troy embodies elemental driving, and resembles no other car on the road.

Bob Kendall pursued the Troy Roadster on more than one occasion, and finally acquired the car in 2017. There’s no changing the original Troy, but the emerging continuation car market provided the opportunity to reinvent the car. With modern Chevrolet LS power, a six-speed manual transmission and minimal driving aids or controls, the new Troy Indy Special is a thrilling next chapter, executed just as Wally would have.